Here at Smart Scholars Academy, our child care center located in Houston teaches the importance of children having self confidence in what they learn.  Our primary objective is to ensure that by the end of each school year, they walk away educated and confident in what they’ve learned.  Daily we remind our children that they can do anything they put their minds to!

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The faculty and staff at Smart Scholars Academy in Houston, Texas are skilled professionals that believe fully in educating our children at an early age. Here at Smart Scholars we are more than just a child care center, we are a child care center with an education program and strive daily to ensure that children reach for the stars and become the best EDUCATED SCHOLAR they possibly can be. 

Each day our children arrive literally with a smile on their faces, happy to attend school, and they look forward to what the day brings; (that alone makes any parent feel comfortable about leaving their child at pre-school each day).




Our educational component focuses on early childhood learning comprised of repetitive teaching in the following areas:


Numbers, shapes, sizes, colors

Enunciating and Spelling 3 and 4 letter words

Sentence Compilation

Each child identifying their name to include spelling & writing their first and last name

Reading comprehension


Weekly Homework Assignments

Attention all Moms & Dads

The Bully Program


Is This the Right Center for My Child?

Answering this question is not a simple yes or no. There are many theories that describe how a child develops, and your child’s development happens in so many ways. It is not always the obvious indicators such as physical development, such as walking and talking but cognitive and emotional areas are a part of child’s developmental growth as well. Our staff here at Smart Scholars Academy are trained to enhance all of these factors.

Why is Education Important

Here at Smart Scholars Academy we are convinced that education is as important as the daily essentials of life.  Therefore, we strive to teach education to children at an early age.  Our focus will forever be on early childhood learning.  We will not stop teaching, and we will ensure you that your child will learn here at Smart Scholars Academy.  This is why we excel in being the best child care center in Houston.

A Unique Approach for Learning

All children are unique; therefore, teaching the same method to everyone is not only a bad approach, but frustrating to the child as well. Smart Scholars Academy uses a combination of repetitive teaching along with learning made fun.  However, first and foremost, we get to know your child and assess where they are within the first week of school.  Based upon the assessment outcome we are then able to determine where we must start with your child’s learning abilities.  Most times the children typically start at the beginning stages of a 3 or 4-year-old knowledge base. We design a unique development and learning program.  Thus, your child’s success in our program is as rewarding to them as it is to you.



In choosing our staff, applicants must complete the Minimum Standards requirement in passing a thorough screening process which includes:

  • Reference Checks

  • Certification for CPR and First Aid

  • Personal Interview

  • Criminal Background Clearance to include FBI Clearance

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