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     Born and raised in Brazoria, Texas; Felicha is a wife, a mother a sister a friend and now a newly awarded Grandmother of two amazing little girls.  She is truly a woman with purpose and destiny.  Felicha accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior way back in the day, and she’s been on the battlefield for the Lord every since. 


     Her passion is to help children know and understand what their dreams are and help them pursue their dreams at an early age.  However, her prior experience was in Oil and Gas where she oversaw numerous projects within various Oil & Gas Companies for over 15 years.  Felicha recently opened a home-day care where she has taken a love for educating children to a whole new level.  Her aim is to see children get a good education at an early age as well as ensure that parents understand the importance of a good education for their child at an early age.  She aspires to be a role model, a confidant and a friend to every child that she comes in contact with. 

     Recently, Felicha founded the newly formed 501c3 non-profit organization; Smart Scholars Foundation. Her non-profit focuses on early childhood learning mostly in the low-income poverty-based communities.  She desires to reach every child that is having a hard time learning in the classroom or demonstrating behavior problems and provide them with one on one teaching, love and attention.  The Foundation focuses on early childhood learning, youth entrepreneurship, enhancing self-esteem, effective communication, learning behaviors, and many more topics of focus to children ages 3 to 12 years of age. 


     Felicha is married to Paul Jones, and have two amazing daughters “Tailor & Tyler” both who have excelled in life making their mom very proud.  Felicha graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2010.  She will continue to work hard within her community to reach and educate children that are experiencing learning difficulties.  Felicha currently mentors at a public schools where she goes into the schools and work along side the teachers aiding children struggling to learn in the classroom. 

To book Felicha as a speaker at your upcoming children’s event, please contact her at 832-367-9688. 

Kids Holding Diplomas
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