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Smart Scholars Academy & Foundation Present:

A Youth & Family Conference

Helping Our Children Recover After Covid

Mission: To help restore our youth from the very things they suffered during COVID.  Things such as Grief, Divorce of Parents, Financial Struggle In The Home and Mental Depression which all may have stemmed from what they’ve gone through during COVID.


This will be a life changing conference for the entire family but the focus will be on our youth.  Each topic will focus on helping our children heal from what they’ve experienced over the past 2 years. However parents MUST attend alongside their child/ren, it’s the only way we will restore our youth!  


Featuring great speakers, food, and entertainment.

Youth Conference.jpg
Event Details

September 9-10, 2022 

Sept 9th (Friday)

7:00 pm

Sept 10th (Saturday)

9:00 am 

7:00 pm - Youth Party 

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