Smart Scholars Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that focuses on Early Childhood Learning.  Our goal is to mentor kids between the ages of 3 & 8 years of age helping them to realize the importance of getting a good education at an early age.

Our goal is to mentor and shape the minds of our little ones by helping them comprehend in their little minds that it is never to EARLY to learn!

Most importantly, we focus more on parents first and foremost to get their buy-in to support early childhood learning in their home(s).


Our goal is to partner with parents and any educational provider that teaches Early Childhood Learning.  We will promote and support the local and global community by providing them with optimal educational choices for the development of children from birth through early adolescence.


Our hope is to no longer lose another “At-Risk” Child/ren to drugs, violence or gangs.  We target children that live within the demographics of low-income areas by going into such communities and presenting early childhood education along with our mentoring programs to both parents and children.


• Building and Enhancing Self Esteem at an Early Age

• Effective Verbal Communication with Mom & Dad at an Early Age

• Speaking Up When Being Bullied or Mistreated at an Early Age

• Helping Children Meet-Make-or-Break Milestones at an Early Age

• Helping Children Find Their Purpose in Life at an Early Age

• Helping Children Focus on Becoming College Ready at an Early Age

• Helping Children Become Entrepreneurs at an Early Age


• Seeking partnership with local elementary school Principals to support and allow us to bring the mentoring program to their schools

• Referrals or recommendations to parents allowing their child to participate in the home-based learning program

• Sponsorship and/or donations to assist with educational materials, marketing, promotions, events, programs, resources, field trips, etc.

• Vans to transport children to events and functions

• Venues or space to host monthly seminars and educational workshops (In-kind)

“It takes a village to raise a child…. who’s  your village?”

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Smart Scholars Academy & Foundation

3615 Flannery Ridge Lane

Houston, Texas 77047

phone: 832-367-9688